Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow with Removable Cover

Cushie Pillows

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  • A COMPLETE HIT WITH EVERYONE WHO USES THIS PILLOW: Everyone who uses this Cushie Memory Foam Pillow uses it differently but they all love it. The perfect size for travel pillows for airplanes, lumbar support in a chair, Neck support while watching TV, Between the knees for a side sleeper, Some even use it as a head pillow. Our softcover keeps even super “sensates” happy.
  • MEMORY FOAM CUSHIE PILLOW PROVIDES THE GOLDILOCKS EFFECT: Cushie’s Memory Foam Pillow offers a perfect balance between comfort and support; Comfortable and cushy without collapsing; Neither too large or too small for versatile uses including travel; Pressure point relief, Back and Neck travel pillow support when sitting in a desk chair, plane pillow or car ride; Works as a traveling rest or add to complete your travel pillow and blanket set.
  • ERGONOMIC ROUND NECK SHAPE: add to your traveling accessories as the round neck shape allows this Cushie Memory Foam Pillow to be used as a flight pillow for Neck support during traveling in a car or plane. Use this traveling pillow as neck support during your massage or help with support during yoga or meditation. The Lumbar support also provides knee support and neck rest.
  • DOUBLE SEAMED, WASHABLE, NYLON AND SPANDEX COVER FOR FLEXIBILITY AND COMFORT: our neck pillows for travel remain cool the night for the best sleep on your flights or recliner. The soft, durable, cover is machine washable. The memory foam travel pillow memory foam can be washed by completely submerging the pillow in lukewarm water with a very gentle detergent and gently squeezing the solution through the foam, rinse until the water runs clean; Gently squeeze to remove the water.
  • CUSHIE PILLOWS ARE VERY DURABLE AND LAST FOR YEARS: Cushie travel neck pillows high-quality neck pillow memory foam to give the perfect balance of support and comfort. It is lightweight, easily portable and the removable cover is designed with a zipper making it easy to remove and put back on after washing making it a perfect airplane neck pillow and neck pillow for recliner. These can be used for travel neck pillows for adults and children.